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His math may be questionable, but his concerns are valid. Look how much liberty has eroded away in this country just in our lifetimes. All in the name of the greater good. This is how a society progresses. We baby-step, baby-step toward totalitarian control. The advance is so slow and gradual that it largely goes unnoticed and unchallenged. Smoking was yesterday; today it's 20-ounce soda. What will be targeted tomorrow? You hear it over and over, simply because it's accurate: the nanny state grows stronger every day. When the mayor of NYC believes he was elected to ban sugar and water, or the 'Supreme Arbiter of Fairness' in the White House believes he has the voter endorsement to proclaim amnesty by declaration...
"..the President said that' We have to try to understand them; that their anger was an understandable reaction'." Translation? "Their looting and violence is a direct result of my endorsement. I get all the credit for this. Law enforcement around the country? Get ready to stand back and do nothing. Unless you're willing to face civil rights charges, don't even think about stopping them; I've given them the green light." Make no mistake. The credit rests squarely on the head of the One.
Key point: willfully ignorant. It absolutely requires a willing ignorance of the evidence.
I personally think that stealing anything that leads to your own death is justified, regardless of the exact sequence of events. But that's my opinion.
Only in this alternate universe we find ourselves in could Dirty Harry Reid bury all that paper sent over from the Peoples' House and Republicans still be labeled as "do-nothing' and "obstructionists".
There easily could have been the beginnings of a third in the Tea Party. Look how quickly the movement was de-legitimized by both factions. What do you suppose would happen to a grassroots third party?
Yeah. Get Uncle Sam completely out of the service business. I know that won't happen overnight, but it takes us back toward individual responsibility and self-reliance.
/raise hand. Cause the Left owns them?
You Republicans need to get over your fear of MSNBC. Have a little faith in the electorate that gave you your majorities. And know this: A large percentage of us voted anti-Obama. You just happened to be beneficiaries, as you were the next in line to the right of Democrats. And know this: a large portion of us will continue to vote to the right of most of you, given the opportunity. This isn't exactly Pacific Coast Radio here...
From past behavior of the left, I'd surmise that its because liberals celebrate the extermination of blacks. Isn't that what Planned Parenthood was all about? Isn't the left the champion of extermination of the unborn in America? "We hold these truths to be self-evident...and are endowed by their Creator with certain un-alienable rights...that among these are LIFE..."
Well...every vote counts as one. And every one of them have a vote. You've oft heard it said: "Vote your conscience." You and I look at our right to vote as a responsibility, as well as a right. They look at their vote as a commodity to be auctioned of to the highest bid. If a vote can be bought with a $17 cell phone...
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