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Just the next salvo in the continuing war on women by the Right. I tell you...it is so far from truth...it's not even in the same universe as truth. In an age where Republicans stir up Democratic voters to beat out a Tea Party challenger...does this fake war on women narrative by the left surprise anyone? This is straight out of the Liberal playbook: to define, to segregate and to ostracize. It's evil; it's predictable and it's so obvious.
Trollspotting. A lovely evening ruined simply because the sun went behind a cloud...
Oh my gawd!!! This administration lied??!! Inconceivable! Barack Obama declared war on productivity before he ever got hired into the Senate, and it has shifted into overdrive since he took office of POTUS. Sky-high energy prices, increased welfare, increased food stamps, increased healthcare, increased regulations, condemnation of big business... The real question that hasn't been asked by the MSMs is... WHY?
Shocking... Where are all the TH trolls lined up to defend his *gag* honor?
I see the (expletive) still has 'I Think I'm in Charge' syndrome... (expletive) her. With the likes of Dirty Harry Reid in the Senate, Republicans should do no such thing.
With Sal Alinksy as their god... "The ends justifies the means..."
I'm a Buckeye. I don't got no accent...
How is it any different than any other profession, where truth and integrity have become obsolete? It's who we've become as a society. Should it surprise anyone that this cancer has found its way into the media?
You're old fashioned. I bet you still believe in truth, honesty, integrity, heterosexual marriage and a firm handshake. Sheesh...I wouldn't be a bit surprised if you still believed in personal responsibility and self-reliance... Flat-earther...
What "God" are you talking about? The God of the Bible never changes; never makes mistakes. He destroyed at least 4 cities with fire from the heavens in direct condemnation of this exact behavior. You must have mistaken Him with the Progressive god, who, of course, has had to evolve to keep pace with mankind.
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