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I heard he is a plant. The Martians are planning to take over, and spawned him in a test tube. It's absolutely true - someone wrote a book about it, so it has to be....
Every organization against Obama has found nothing, yet the ignorant refuse to believe, they want so much for something to be there, that even without a shred of proof, they still believe. This herd mentality is the scariest thing about being an American. Fear mongering and misinformation. Lack of research and reading, people believe it if it's in bold, and on the right website or TV station.
Nazis murdered millions of people while the world watched. I hardly see the parallel, and would probably not personally use the word "annoying" to describe them.
Hi there, is this based on any factual information at all? Just wondering, thanks.
Do YOU go out of your way to pay extra unnecessary taxes? Why shouldn't he take advantage of the same tax shelters available to any American trying to put their kids through college? As a millionaire, you can be sure he give a LOT of money away every year to minimize his taxes, and by the same token, why should he pay MORE than his fair share? You make it sound like he is cheating on his taxes, when he is doing what anyone who is planning for their kids' college education should do. Is he supposed to say to himself "How can I set up my kids' college education in such a way as to generate the highest possible tax payment?"
I think Ms. Coulter is running out of things to bash Obama with. Really? Is he the only politician to point out that his opponent is not as squeaky-clean as they appear to be? What about all of the people prying into Obama's private affairs, somehow this side of the issue has been omitted. I really gave her more credibility than she deserves, this article reads like it's straight out of People Magazine. Are you that hard up for material Ms. Coulter? I could give you some ideas of things to write about, no problem, but this is WEAK....come on, give us something real!
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