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While Romney Campaigns in the Midwest, Obama Activists Dress Like Muppets

NullifyNow Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 6:42 AM
Aka But the Mujahadeen was friendly to us at that time. You know how that goes--FDR and Stalin were buddies before they were not. FDR tricked his way into WW2 after promising Americans he would not take their sons overseas in another war. Just another liar in the Democratic Party. By the way, Democrats led America into a century of warfare last century with one bloody war after another and most of them illegal, immoral, or criminal (Kosovo, Vietnam, Korea and WW1)
Tourists in downtown Washington, D.C. may have been confused by a small, colorful gathering on the mall on Saturday, as a group of activists came together for the “Million Puppet March” with a message of government support for PBS. While the Count may have been disappointed – the assembled crowd for this million-strong march was a few hundred at most – the activists in their cobbled-together homemade costumes did their best.

Big Bird, Grover and the Wild Things took pictures with fans in a sea of Obama/Biden signs and ‘Puppets Unite!’ posters. For anyone walking...