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The Right Isn't Waving A White Flag

NullifyNow Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 9:26 AM
Oh, and here is an interesting article by the people (the intellectual brain trust on the right) the GOP scorned and purged from the right wing media in preference to the likes of blood-thirsty neo-con war mongers like Goldberg.
Birdman III Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 11:32 AM
We had an ally, Israel, in the MidEast since 1947. Much as you dislike allies, it is good to have friends. Currently, America has more enemies (and the list is yet growing) than friends (this list is shrinking). Once Israel is gone, we will be the only one our enemies will hate. Keep up the good work. By the time you are done, we will be surrounded by enemies. We will be about to shoot in any direction and hit someone who is shooting at us. Who will come to our aid? Not Israel, that's for sure, since it will be gone. Great Britian? France? Japan? Any of the recipients if our foreign aid? Not a chance. Good luck in your coming world. You wanted isolationism. You will have it in spades.

The conservative Gotterdammerung is finally here. "Like dazed survivors in a ravaged city, America's conservatives are wailing and beating their collective breasts," opines the Economist's "Lexington" columnist. "A leading conservative thinker," asked by the Economist to "list today's conservative ideas, laughs bitterly and replies, 'Are there any?'"

Former Reaganite Rep. Vin Weber (R-Minn.) laments in the conservative journal Policy Review, "I have never been so concerned about the future of conservative ideas."

A Washington Post columnist announced that "the long descent of the Republican Party into irrelevance, defeat, and perhaps eventual disappearance" has finally begun. William Kristol of the Weekly Standard...