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Jindal: “We Don’t Start Winning Majorities … by Insulting Our Voters.”

NullifyNow Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 6:55 PM
Carlos I'm glad you realize that the right wing media is pretty much controlled by catholics (unless it is the Jews--Medved, Levin, Prager, Kristol, Podhoretz, etc.). Odd since there are more protestant right wingers but they are not as represented in the most powerful right wing outlets. Now, private businesses can do this sort of thing, but protestants ought to be aware of who is leading them around by the nose. These are people the bible has serious troubling things to say about and it should give them pause. To be commended are Phyllis Schlafly, Pat Buchanan, and Ann Coulter. Though Coulter has clearly supported the left wing blood lust of the Bush ilk. Too bad. Pat hasn't. He is a hero of mine.

On Fox News Sunday Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal once again distanced himself from Mitt Romney’s unfortunate and divisive post-election remarks, and upbraided two Republican Senate candidates for “saying stupid things” during the 2012 election cycle:

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal continued his critique of the Republican Party and its 2012 presidential contender Mitt Romney on Sunday as he argued for the GOP to become a larger tent party.

Romney drew a firestorm of backlash from fellow Republicans when he told donors on a conference call that President Barack Obama defeated him because of so-called “gifts” that he gave to...