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Gang of 8 to Gang Up Against Amendments to Illegal Immigration Reform Bill

NullifyNow Wrote: Apr 11, 2013 6:41 PM
Not really. The longer GOP RINOS are in power the longer it will take to flush these vermin out of the weeds. The older generation is needed to defend the country. If the treason is delayed (instead of brought forward to be dealt with promptly), there will be no patriots left to defend the country and challenge the Council On Foreign Relations traitors like McCain and Obama.

For about a week now we've been hearing that the Gang of 8 isn't interested in allowing amendments to be added to its new illegal immigration reform overhaul. A piece in POLITICO further points to this being true. As a reminder, the Gang of 8 bill was crafted behind closed doors. 

After being locked out of the process for so long, Democratic and Republican senators are anxious to get a crack at amending the bill, setting up a treacherous path through the Judiciary Committee to the Senate floor that threatens to undermine the delicate compromise.