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Here is what could very well be true. There are probably no reliable witnesses who can identify the shooter or shooters. The shooters who helped the accused shooter probably killed him knowingly. They don't want another Tsarnaev brother, James Holmes, Tim McVeigh, or other government patsy surviving to tell the story about working a mission for the CIA or AFT. Authorities probably shot some or most of the victims. You can bet your sweet bippy that in our surveillance state, and especially the Navy Yard, there were cameras showing who was doing the shooting and these fascist pigs who are overthrowing our Constitution will insure that those tapes are destroyed, erased, or classified as top secret (to hide the truth). And idiot right wingers will probably falll for it because the morons actually believe the CIA is protecting America and not destroying her.
It is stupid to make being in the street against the law.
Two violent evil groups at odds with each other.
Bawk bawk left wing chickens censored me. Hahahahahahah.
It is obivious, except to imbeciles and criminal types, that the president and everyone who is telling him his royal garments are beautiful, are DERANGED RABID DOGS. The evil Emperor is very much nekked. Recently, that leftist filth--Ed Asner-- stated something like that people in Hollywood were afraid to criticize the president for fear of being called a racist. In other words, the leftist filth knows what dishonest and evil people they have been for so long and don't want to become victims of their own evil deeds. Humphf.
Could be John McCain angry that there is no escalation in the Middle East occupation by the USA. Could someone make sure the senator is not shooting up the Navy Yard please? It could save many lives.
As opposed to an inactive shooter? Only the morons in government can think up these stupid terms.
Funny stuff. Here is my contribution to funny stuff. Scene One: A stadium is filled with about 30, 000 white women (the approximate number of white women sexually assaulted or raped by black men in 2005). And a horde of black men outside of it sufficient to rape or sexually assault them. Then pan to the little perky white lady in the above video cheerfully mocking all those the women for being very well armed. She is in a press box at the stadium and is unarmed when the horde of black break in to do their dirty deeds. Perhaps she can throw a chair at them? No wait! She can ala the DHS run and hide. Scene Two: Stadium empty of black women. Maybe one or two at the most, and a couple of moronic white guys milling around outside. That would represent (viz a viz government statistics) the number of black women assaulted or raped by white men in 2005). Hahahahahahah. Funny. Funny. Hoot, hoot. Whoopeeeeee. Snicker, snicker. Barf.
She is deranged. Probably insane. Certainly wrong about the Constitution. And unquestionably wicked and evil. And a mental midget.
Nazis? The tea kettles, calling the pots black. The neo cons Hannity and West are as deranged as the Mullahs.
Is anyone so stupid as to still be a McCain supporter?
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