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"Get" LOL I qualify!
How many typos do you et to make as an editor here and still receive a paycheck? "of you like your healthcare plan..." And "Obama's unamiguous vow...." LOL
Your head is so small, a thimble would suffice to cover the little pointy end of it.
He is/was allegedly a Buddhist. What is most important to know is that he had security clearance. This is so he could be used in this clever false flag op centered within a tightly controlled military installation. The purpose of doing the false flag in a military installation is to avoid messy civilians like those involved in Boston marathon false flag event who instantaneously flooded the Internet with videos and photos that exposed the CIA (feds, etc.) plot/false flag.
Disruptive? That's anything the cops say it is. People in America are crazed with making EVERTHING illegal. It is deranged. Jay walking. Sheesh. Another stupid law invented by crazed psychotic Americans who are so crazed and psychotic they do no know it.
Well it is people like Barone who have done in the GOP. Did he back Ron Paul? Ha.
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Rand Paul in Favor of Felon Voting

NullifyNow Wrote: Sep 17, 2013 6:32 AM
Yes, because some day idiot right wingers will all be felons, and you will want to vote. It is said that every day each of us commits three felonies. This is not because we are all criminals (though all Democrats are) but it is because deranged right wingers are pathologically obsessed with making everything illegal and the NAZIS on the left are more than happy to let the idiot right wingers do themselves in. Rand knows how stupid the law and order right wingers are and he is trying to save them from themselves.
Here is what could very well be true. There are probably no reliable witnesses who can identify the shooter or shooters. The shooters who helped the accused shooter probably killed him knowingly. They don't want another Tsarnaev brother, James Holmes, Tim McVeigh, or other government patsy surviving to tell the story about working a mission for the CIA or AFT. Authorities probably shot some or most of the victims. You can bet your sweet bippy that in our surveillance state, and especially the Navy Yard, there were cameras showing who was doing the shooting and these fascist pigs who are overthrowing our Constitution will insure that those tapes are destroyed, erased, or classified as top secret (to hide the truth). And idiot right wingers will probably falll for it because the morons actually believe the CIA is protecting America and not destroying her.
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