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Poll: 53 Percent of Democrats Hold Favorable View of Socialism

NullifyNow Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 8:13 PM
Caveat (being intellectually inept) is unable to distinguish taxation from theft or is unwilling to admit. He or she probably doesn't want to because it would expose his or her criminal nature. Moral people know the difference. Taxation is to theft as love making is to rape, and killing is to murder. In the case of money it is surrendered righteously and the other unrighteously. In the case of sexual acts one is offered with joy, the other forced upon violently. And in the case of killing one is done to save the life of the innocent and the other to take it. People like Caveat cannot seem to understand the moral distinctions or if they do they condone the criminality.

Whenever conservatives bring up the s-word in political discourse, indignant liberals recoil at the term.  How dare you call us Socialists?  Fine.  Let's make a deal.  We'll abide by a self-imposed cease and desist order on the socialism label just as soon as you guys explain this to the rest of us (see the final line item):

Capitalism -- the system that built America into the unparalleled economic engine and global hegemon that it is today -- is statistically tied with Socialism among Democrats, on the...