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Right not fight.
It has nothing to do with being white or any other color. It is called acting civilized. Acting like a decent human being. Respecting Respecting the rights of other people even if you don't agree. It is okay to protest. That is a fight. Acting like a savage is not. If you want people to respect you then get married, raise your kids to respect others, get a job and become part of the community. Help the police to enforce the law, not break it.
The problem with pathological liars is they tend to tell another lie to cover up the previous lie. One person I knew would tell a lie just because the lie sounding better than the truth when there was nothing wrong in telling the truth. The Obama administration has gotten to the point that they have completely lost track of what lies they have told and How much truch they have woven into it. When you tell the truth and always tell the truth you never have to worry about telling people the wrong thing. If you always do the right thing the first time you can never mess up.
Just a different way to announce that you are retiring. Speak the truth and you are on the liberal black list. You are now offically retired.
All ten of the admendments to the Constutions were written to protect individual rights against the government powers. It cannot logically be perceived any other way. Every state or federal agent, agency or department that infinges on our right to bear arms is in violation of the Constitution because it says the right to bears arms "Shall not be infringed". They are the criminals, not us.
They could require that we put the RFID chips in our hand. I guess that would be the mark of the beast. Then they could track us everywhere we go.
1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th are all individual rights. The 10th is reserved to the states and the people. Not the federal government. Only a person with a non-functioning brain would conclude that the 2nd admendment is not an individual right. It also says that right will not be infringed, meaning no restrictions what-so-ever. New York, New Jersey, Maryland and California are all in violation of the second admendment. Because the courts once said there could be some limitations we are now experiencing massive limitations and even that is not enough for those with limited brain mass. I want my Constitution back. All of it.
Progressives can be quite intelligent. That doesn't mean their brains are fully functional though.
Gun control - Making law biding citizens criminals. Immigration reform - Making criminals law biding citizens.
The problem with having all that stuff is someone has to make that stuff. That means more jobs for stuff makers who in turn might want their own stuff which means even more jobs and (gasp) more stuff and more, and more. Oh my what is a socialist to do? All that stuff and jobs will just ruin their day.
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