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I pray for this young man's family and loved ones. I don't expect Barack, Al, or Jesse to see any political advantage or favourable publicity in this for them since the young man that was murdered is white! Sad but it is just the way they are. The major media will surely keep it quiet since the killers were black. They will be afraid to be accused of being 'racist". Funny how they aren't afraid of accusing white folks of being racist when the story is in their favour of pleasing Al, Jesse and their sick minded followers!
It wouldn't have a chance of success because they were probably too busy playing politics and worrying about protecting their positions. Protecting this nation from attacks and those who are planning attacks on the United States of America should have been given a very high priority above everything else that may have been on their work schedule!!! Warning Americans would have been the least thing to do if they were too cowardly to do their jobs. Ohh, that would have possibly brought attention to their inefficiency.
Very Good point Bear Trax, and thankyou for saying so.
Thanks for bringing the fact that his grandfather was using a gun to actually save someone from being lynched. There are probably hundreds of times that a weapon was used in the defense of someone being overtaken by a bunch of misguided mobs. The head mobster wants to make it possible to be free to do what he wants to do to decent law abiding citizens. Don't worry the criminals and law breakers will still have their weapons, but that is OK because they are good demon rats!!!
Funny, but sadly the way the socialist, unAmerican lefttist, demonsrats think.
She must be one of those nasty, bad conservatives that want to protect themselves!!! Hurry, get her and others like her before she does something like voting the democrats out of office;) God Willing!!!!!
A weapon used for self defense is what it is all about!! Lets see now why this played out to begin with. The border of our nation is defenseless and if liberal, left wingers have their way then she would have been defenseless also. Great plan Obama dudes and dudets!!!!
Amen, and Amen!!!
Exactly my thoughts except you outlined it much better Barry. Thank you
Sadly true and Ob@^^@ could be on camera robbing, raping and molesting children and the mainstream networks would spin it so that those being attacked were the problem and he was just doing what a president should do nowadays!!!
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