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Obama: My Biggest Mistake as President is Not Telling Enough Stories

NPTSTS Wrote: Jul 13, 2012 10:51 AM
I thought his biggest mistake was not playing enough golf. Only 100 rounds in 3 years! but, to recap some Obama mistakes, not in any particular order, 1. Stimuless, 2. Obamacare, 3. refusing to enforce immigration laws, 4. takeover of GM and Chrysler (that worked out real well), 5. Solyndra, 6. BP oil spill, 7. Oil pipeline, 8. outlawing drilling in the gulf, 9. Joe Biden, 10. gay marriage flip flop, 11. DADT repeal, 12. Fast and Furious and I could keep on going forever, but 12 is good.
NPTSTS Wrote: Jul 13, 2012 10:55 AM
ok, couldn't help myself, 13. Mom Jeans, 14. Threw out first pitch like a girl at Yankee Stadium while wearing a White Sox jacket. (Didn't see Bush wear a Rangers jacket to throw a pitch at Yankee Stadium) 15. ARAB SPRING, 16. Van Jones, 17. Tom Daschle, 18. Turbotax Timmy Geithner.

Many, on both the right and the left, would argue that President Obama has made mistakes. Conservatives would willingly name any one of his policy initiatives, while some liberals think he kowtows to the Republicans too often. But what does the man himself think his biggest mistake has been?

CBS News' Charlie Rose has an interview with the president and First Lady airing tomorrow, but an exercpt released today reveals his stunning arrogance: his biggest mistake, he says, has been a lack of storytime. Oh yes.