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Obama Ad: Hey, "You Have a Choice to Make," America

NPTSTS Wrote: Jul 24, 2012 1:37 PM
I have made my choice. Why anyone would vote for a candidate with zero accomplishments in his past, and zero accomplishments in his presidency is beyond me. I would like the liberals to answer some simple questions for me. 1. Why did Obama go to Pakistan in 1981? 2. Why hasn't Obama released his college records? 3. Why was he mentored by a Communist named Frank Marshall Davis, Communist card number 47544?

We sure do.  Please describe it for us, Mr President:

Where to begin?  How about with an explanation of why Obama felt compelled to cut a softer, address-the-camera spot with soothing piano music.  Here's a chart of the president's favorability as his campaign has pilloried Mitt Romney with discredited attacks (via Sean Trende):