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congratulations to all of the non-thinking Dems and brain dead white voters who stayed home on election day, we are about to go to another war. On the bright side, at least the DoD cuts will fail to materialize and Obama's incompetence will create jobs through another war.
Incomplete might have worked in college as an Affirmative Action student, but it doesn't cut it out here in the real world. F for Failure.
much ado about nothing. Once again, Republicans prove that they will eat their own. Tired of it. A better response would have been, "Mr. Akin used an unfortunate choice of words, much like Whoopi Goldberg's defense of Roman Polanski's rape of a 13 year old girl when she said that it wasn't like it was 'rape-rape'. We applaud Mr. Akin's strong Pro-Life stance against abortion which kills over 800,000 young Americans each year and look forward to joining with Mr. Akin and his colleagues in the 2013 Republican Senate to repeal Obamacare and its federal funding of abortion."
racist against his white half or black half?
Guy, you are missing the point altogether. BHO's plan has worked. He wants to destroy the country. You are employing the same mindset as those who looked at the Arab Spring as a call for freedom. They were assigning a uniquely American/Western/Christian mindset to a people who can't comprehend it. It is the same with Obama. He is not in over his head, he is not clueless. Nobody can be that stupid as to employ this many policies that hurt the country and our economy while purportedly trying to help. It is by design. Just accept the logical truth.
AK-47's? tells you that this guy isn't American. An American would say M16!
I have made my choice. Why anyone would vote for a candidate with zero accomplishments in his past, and zero accomplishments in his presidency is beyond me. I would like the liberals to answer some simple questions for me. 1. Why did Obama go to Pakistan in 1981? 2. Why hasn't Obama released his college records? 3. Why was he mentored by a Communist named Frank Marshall Davis, Communist card number 47544?
Dear Mayor Bloomberg, I gladly accept your proposal that Police Officers not protect the people until strict gun control laws are enacted. This means that I will now be free to drive without wearing a seatbelt, carry as many guns in my vehicle as I need, and I won't have to worry about speeding while I'm cruising in my car drinking my 20oz soft drink. If someone elects to break into my home, I will be able to defend myself without calling the police and bury their sorry carcass in my front yard with a tombstone that says, "Homeowner 1, Criminal -6 feet under. I'll be able to stop paying taxes, all of them. No sales tax, real estate tax, gasoline tax, income tax, etc. This is a great idea Mayor Bloomberg.
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Rapper Defends Second Amendment

NPTSTS Wrote: Jul 24, 2012 12:24 PM
I'd learn to use a bow and arrow and perhaps make a potato cannon before I sat huddle defenselessly
well, this is what happens when you let a homosexual loose around boys without supervision.
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