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This comes down to only ONE thing. If Sabellius going to ever agree to cooperate with ISSA, if she knows that the DOJ will NEVER prosecute her on any crime whatsoever. BO has an ACE (not just one) with the DOJ> Holder will never agree to prosecute anyone that is part of this vast conspiracy to take our freedoms from us. Without a clear way to hold Sebelius to account, there is NO way to go on this. ISSA is just dreaming.... Where am I wrong on this people? There is NO JUSTICE or EQUAL protection under the LAW anymore. There is NO LAW. This is the most lawless regime to ever rule this country, and we are at least 3 years away from ANY change to that tune. By that time there will most likely be NOTHING left to save.
WOW!!! Hearing that common sense is like the satisfaction of eating a dozen bagels. It's going to keep me feeling sane for a while. THANK YOU Ben!
NYT: Narcissistic, Yellow-belly Traitors.
Basically the only thing about CALI (and I know cause I live here) that doesn't SUX... is the weather. That's about it. We have frequently pondered getting out of here. More often as of late. I live in Placer Co... where the liberals are few, and there is some healthy disgust for politicians. I CANNOT believe we put Boxer and Brown back in play. It's like bazarro world ... I feel like that rabbit at the tea party in Alice in Wonderland. Completely crazed with disbelief of what I am witnessing. I am pretty sure I will have PDSD after this election.
If Obama Stealz the election... does that qualify us for FREE DORRITO Tacos at Taco Bell... err does that only apply to the baseball game? I am confuz-ed...
You mean he hasn't already? I did NOT know that! (LOL)
Clearly... they have been mis-marking the currency that I am using. I did NOT know that!
Isn't the NYT too big to fail? Just sayin'
Lies DESTROY wealth. TRUTH creates it. PERIOD. (Fight the natural laws of our universe if you wish, but be prepared to be astonished when your wealth evaporates with all speed)
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