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You have a funny definition of logic. No, they are not taking basic rights or wasting time. They are attempting to tailor statutes to advance the compelling government interest in the safety of their citizens. Spoiled rotten teenagers say things like "you ain't gettin my _____." Hell, not even teenagers throw fits like that.
I talk about wasteful spending, you deflect with unrelated pablum.
Aw, it's mad I called it on its B.S. Read it for yourself, smart guy. Not like you'll understand what it means...
Stalin has the quote about disarming his adversaries; what evidence do you have to show how his program of disarmament worked? Why did he have to disarm them if Lenin already did? (Answer: Lenin didn't). Why did Khrushchev have to disarm them a third time? Surely at least some Russian peasant farmers owned rifles, gun regulations or not. What role did this disarmament play in Stalin's rise to power? It appears minimal and attenuated to me. I'll go on if you provide a shred of support for your talking points.
Searcherseeker: "Just ask Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Khrustrev, Mao, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, and all the more of the killers which mark the milestones of history." Instead of regurgitating talking points that have been around for over 20 years, why don't you search for some answers? Hitler did not have a program of widespread disarmament of the German people. He disarmed conquered nations, but not the Germans. Germany had been disarmed by the Treaty of Versailles (which, because your grasp of history is clearly limited, was before Hitler had power). Hitler actually eased gun conrol. Do you really think the Holocaust occurred because Jews weren't armed? Give me a break.
We need more jobs in the online blogging industry. If John Ransom can get a job doing that, anybody can.
SO, it's alright to waste the legislature's time and the taxpayer's money to make a "statement?" I thought y'all wanted less wasteful spending. Frivolous bills like this don't help that cause.
Evidently you aren't too familiar with the Constitution you claim to support. Read the Speech or Debate Clause, A1§6. Or the MO Constitution...
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