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"Pointing out" is different from drafting frivolous legislation.
I think what you're saying, in a roundabout, long-winded manner, is that Hitler and Mussolini allowed their supporters to keep firearms? The Hitler/Mussolini/Stalin/&c comparisons are historically inaccurate and logically false. They have been Conservative talking points since long before there were blogs like this for like-minded fools to disseminate them amongst themselves on. Your "answer," literate as it is, says essentially nothing.
Right, which is not anything like what is happening here, now.
Someone shot 3 cops at a station house a few months ago. There have been others.
No, the Second Amendment is an Amendment. Missouri's gun regulations are laws. All of the armchair Constitutionalists here are not the ones who get to second-guess those laws or determine whether or not they are Constitutional. That job is left to the Supreme Court, ordained by the Constitution to do so, just as the legislature of Missouri - a sovereign state remember - is ordained by the Constitution to make laws for the good of its citizens. But of course, all you care about is a single provision, which you don't understand, and disregard all of the other provisions necessary to effect that one, which you understand less. You should stick to topics that fit your pay grade, Ed.
Deflect, deflect, deflect. Go have an original thought.
This is the problem with "assault weapons" bans. Most of those guns are handguns. Those are what regulations should focus on, since they are 1) involved in a majority of crimes, 2) not as good as rifles for militia use, 3) not for sporting purposes.
Yes I have: that comment is idiotic. Point made.
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