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President Obama has not defined his party's primary objective as denying 17 million babies medical care. I guess they don't count. How many of them are you willing to give the death sentence to? I think you are forgetting that the overall GOP objective is the elimination of Medicare. In fact name three things initiated and implemented in the last 100 years by the GOP that benefits all Americans.
Got you in a no-win situation didn't he, or did you do it to yourself? One way you are a sucker, the other, just incompetent. Must make you proud.
Folks, you know that demanding that the President defund ObamaCare or you'll shoot yourself in the foot, is not a strong position from which to negotiate, don't you? Kind of makes it look like the "community organizer" has snookered you again.
Why would he negotiate? The GOP has absolutely no leverage, unless shooting oneself in the foot can be considered leverage. It's unbelievable a "community organizer" could maneuver these shrewd players into a no-win situation, but that is precisely what has happened.
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Why Boehner Won't Vote on Clean CR

novowel4me Wrote: Oct 02, 2013 3:18 PM
If Boehner is an example of the shrewd politics and negotiation the GOP purports to bring to governing - I hope the GOP is prepared for a generation out of power. The "community organizer" somehow managed the GOP into cutting off it's big toe in exchange for — nothing. Nothing but a concession on ObamaCare will be considered a success — and that isn't going to happen.
Well first, ObamaCare funding isn't dependent on the funding covered in this bill, that's why it's up and running, very well in CA. But additionally, I wonder if they have considered what they will do when the Senate sends it back with all the other funding provisions attached.
Every so often I think, the vitriol directed at this President, although unprecedented, is not motivated from some emotional level like racism or intentional aggressive ignorance, I just come here and read the comments, and realize, yup, it is.
Glad to hear the same fatuous statements being made about the ACA as was the case when Social Security and Medicare were enacted. BTW if you have a pre-existing condition and couldn't either get health insurance or were afraid to leave your current insurance company and shop for a lower priced alternative, you can now. Thanks to this President.
Certainly, none that you cited are in agreement with your opinion. The bright side is you have been incorrect about EVERYTHING regarding what the this President "will do" so far and there is ample reason to believe you will continue to bat 1.000.
I'm assuming you've rejected your medicare and social security as well. BTW where are you on controlling women's healthcare decisions?
Saved the American automobile industry, initiated the stimulus that has resulted in a doubling of the stock market values since 2009, home values recovering, presided over the slowest growth in government since Eisenhower, withdrawn our troops from Iraq, winding down the war in Afghanistan, avoided war with both Syria and Iran by utilizing diplomacy, enabled millions of Americans to acquire health insurance, prevented insurance companies from denying or canceling insurance to folks with pre-existing conditions, I can think of some more. But now, your turn name three things the GOP has initiated and implemented in the last 100 years that has benefited all Americans.
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