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Despite thousands of dollars, acres of fabric, spandex, straightened hair, and makeup MO will remain unattractive and phony. Real beauty comes from within. But she is unattractive from the inside out and the outside in. Ditto Hillary Clinton. Think of some average looking gentlewomen - Barbara and Laura Bush and Ann Romney who were beautiful because of how they treated others and garnered great respect and admiration for being smart, calm, strong, and the backbone of their families.
In the photo, Hollande appears to be groveling at the feet of Obama's.
I'm actually surprised that she doesn't wear a tiara in public.
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Will Jeb Bush Run in 2016?

NOUTOPN Wrote: Jan 30, 2014 7:44 PM
Not only NO but HE// NO. He wouldn't undo anything that Obama has fundamentally changed. He a chip off the NWO block.
Loved the sign "WE WILL END ABORTION". Thank God for these young people who have more common sense and courage than my generation.
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Catholic Capitalist Replies to the Pope

NOUTOPN Wrote: Dec 13, 2013 10:27 AM
Has the Pope clarified the meaning of his statement? Surely he knows how American Catholics are receiving his comments.
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A Selfie in South Africa

NOUTOPN Wrote: Dec 13, 2013 10:11 AM
Remember Obama's "shout out" to a Chief so&so and his making jovial remarks before launching into his speech about the Fort Hood massacre. At some other funeral, front and center in the first row, he was chomping on gum. He has no sense of propriety. My guess is people have told him how to act but he doesn't give a rip.
Your "what difference does it make" Hillary-attitude might change if something happens that affects you. Obama's obstinate refusal to agree to moving money around within the federal budgets to cover necessary services is the problem. In the past, the military has successfully realigned funds within programs and there has been negligible impact. All the sane military leadership - and every other federal organization - wants is to have the flexibility to make their budgets work. Obama refusal to allow this is juvenile and INSANE.
Boehner is not quick enough on his feet to head off or anticipate Obama's strategies. Boehner is a problem that needs to be resolved if we ever want to stop or turn-around any of Obama's destructive policies.
Karl Rove and his establishment GOP PAC - the kingmakers - wanted to pick and choose the candidate (just like they're trying to do now). Just like with Romney - their PAC was instrumental in successfully, systematically decimating the other GOP candidates. And what we got was a wishy-washy gutless candidate who thought he was in a high brow debate when, in fact, he was in a bar fight.
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