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Dave Says: It’s All About Perspective

NotYetHome Wrote: Oct 08, 2013 10:10 PM
Not a Ramsey fan. He touts his faithfulness to Christ, yet gives an idiotic "perspective" example. Hey, Dave, it may be perspective in your eyes, you're a financially wealthy man, and good for you. But as a Christophile, you should know about stewardship. 400 grand for 1 auto? I know you say it's a guy you know, who may not have your faith-claim, yet saying it's okay for those whom have been given much to blow that much on a car....come on Christian! Be known by your faith, not by your worldly economic theory. Hey how about this Dave, individuals do not buy the books you peddle, but instead visit their local libraries and utilize their copies? We can argue what the Word says about wealth and its proper uses, but usually what separates the factions is the amount one has, not what He says. Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. This means actions trump intentions and words. Peace.
Aptly put.
And I thought the 911 call complaining about McNuggets was asinine. What can be done about the neighbor and the school board?
No-one with a uterus ever gave you the "right" to kill the unborn. Can't pick-n-choose when to disregard arguments based on gender. Also, the rest of your illogical, animalistic argument sounds very much like those of the Third Reich, or worse. Well done. Remember, the more people we have like you, eventually the less people we'll have like you.
Like DOMA at the federal level, or Prop 8 at the state level?
If you want to control your uterus, then elect a hysterectomy, or not. You can't be so dense to mock "killing the unborn" yet proclaim a woman's right to abortion, which is the killing(depriving the life of) of the unborn(embryo or fetus). When an embryo or fetus ceases to be an individual entity, then argue your right to your body.
My gosh, a 2008 book published by the CDC, Unequal Opportunity, based on 17 studies covering the 15 years prior to publication, clearly links childhood sexual abuse rates as higher for homosexual/bisexual men vs. those of heterosexual men. As far as Lesbians, a Northwestern study supports similar outcome when the pedophile was female. Some studies have shown male-hatred resulting from sexual abuse of girls by men.
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