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So now, it appears that Russia and the UN say the gas attack was in fact a fabrication... Obama got punked in more ways than one.
"I love how right-wingers have accepted a former KGB officer as one of their own. " Well Loass, when are you going to realize that Obama isn't an American really? His loyalty is to the MB and AQ... O got punked by Putin. Deal with it.
Saw a photo of the mooslim rally earlier. There were literally only 21 people in it... Guaranteed the MSM will ignore the Bikers though.
In 24 hours, you could be just as drunk as when you decided getting a tattoo was a great idea. If they want it to be effective, make it 12 hours. Most will be hung over still...
Hard to figure out which list would be longer; Stupid things Biden has said? Lies Obama has told?
That would be the point of doing this... Wag the Dog...
Just more proof the Leftism runs purely on people's emotions...
He made a red line...His ego will get hurt if he doesn't look tough...So he will "act stupidly" ...
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When the Liberal Media Gets it Right

Petrus64 Wrote: Aug 25, 2013 8:49 PM
"Never did I imagine that you would instead become another Richard Nixon: imperial, secretive, vindictive, untrustworthy, inexplicable." I imagined that 5 years ago and have been saying it out loud since then.
Obama's first budget outline in 2009 was often referenced to French Economist theories.. That's his game plan still. And it's a failure.
There's a new book out called 'Rich Food, Poor Food'. The authors show how about 80% of packaged food in the US would be banned in most other countries because of the toxic additives that are banned... Not only "eat organic", but drop the packaged so-called food. The FDA/USDA do not care about your health outside of acute poisoning (because it makes them look bad). Anything can be approved for the right price. It also doesn't help that Monsanto runs the FDA. And you can thank both sides of the aisle for selling us out on that one.
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