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Funny that he spoke tonight about getting away from sound bites and talking more about political philosophy. Yet, his philosophy is so simply parsed down, it can fit on a bumper sticker.
He was Tea Party long before it was an enemy of the Left, and now, Establishment GOP... Time to Clean House.
Corrine Brown is about as nutty as Maxine Waters. She actually said the following during the govt shutdown last year; "Lets don't confuse nobody with the facts." ~Corrine Brown
One of the many reasons you didn't hear anything about it on the "news". I had to explain the week's events to friends this morning. They hadn't even heard this was going on.
Wow...what a demented old man.
Ironically, you've posted here a few times... You wouldn't happen to be the snarky old poster Vlad? btw, tell me you wouldn't be ticked if the building inspector told you the restroom mirror was a 1/4'' too low and he won't let you open with all those people waiting outside until you fix it. You think I am joking? Been in the business for 25 years, and it keeps getting more unreasonable every day.
Down the Heritage Economic Freedom Index we slide in the last 5 years. We've gone from 6th to 12th place in the world. I wish they'd take NY and Cali and rank them as well. Because clearly Texas and other states are holding our ranking at bay while the Progs are taking down the list. But, that is one thing O promised us...that he'd take us down a few notches. And he's got the other Progs now to help on the state and local level...
Communist Core...their nefarious plan to stupefy the next generation and gather even more information on everyone, including the parents of students. Thankfully, ticked off parents everywhere are fighting back.
Sounds like it since getting rid of homeschooling is on the agenda for the Leftist indoctrination agenda...
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