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Ever notice that this sheet ALWAYS happens with punks like Cahta and Corpse Man in "charge!"
Nationaljester, this is Putin he's screwing with, not Karazai. That Chicago thug will get his head caved in playing Chicago big shot with guys like Putin and China's President Hu Jintao, and they won't be using no "guns!"
I am as conservative as they come, boys and girls, but all of you had better realize that nations have natural spheres of influence," and if we push the Russian too hard on this, THEY WILL take out those Nato missle sites. This is very similar to the problem we had with Russia aiming missles at us from Cuba in the eearly 60s! This is doubly true now that China has as much control of the seas and oceans as we do and will come to Russia's defense if we retalliate. The great oceans of the world are no longer our private yahct club, and it will get much worse if de Corpse Man is reelected.
Not to worry - De Corpse Man ob de 57 States ob Murca be telling dem homies what da haps are!
Spirit, libs are so used to fiction and lies that they actually think movies are real and actors intelligent - to wit, Farenheit Total Horsesh*t
Do you leftist parrots and de Prebmint Corpse Man ob de 57 states ob Murcha ever tire of these stale talking points.
So what will The Magic Negro do about it? You think he can insult the Russian and Chinese people the way he does republicans? They hit back hard, pal, and play for real. That goes triple for the Iranians who would go straight for HIM. He had better not forget that one, Secret Service or not!
Hey, if Putin were to take over the US, would we know the difference anymore?
Another socialist who attended public "screwels" and with severe reading comprehension problems.
Sir, a boogy man is imaginary. Putin and China are REAL - you moron!
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