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That's really not the truth. I think you already know that. As soon as a person pulls the race card as you just did, it takes away any credibility you may have had. There are racists out there, to be sure, but they exist on both sides of the political aisle and very, very few of those who oppose the ACA stand against it for racial reasons. Yes, President Obama is black, but it wouldn't matter if he was white, green, orange, yellow, or blue, the ACA is bad law. Race isn't even a part of the issue.
Because if we just sit back and let it happen, it will be impossible to remove, like a tumor that has grown so large that it kills us. How many other government programs that don't work, that constantly hemorrhage our tax money, have we ever been able to undo? Medicare/Medicaid? Social Security? The Postal Service? Amtrak? Which of those money-sucking programs is financially solvent? None of them! Yet our government keeps funding them with my money and your money. Why in the world do you think this would be any different if we just sit down and let it run over us? Wake up, man.
How dare the president feign indignation at Syria's gassing of "hundreds of children to death" while he at the same time expends every effort and resource at his disposal to ensure that Planned Parenthood can continue to slaughter thousands of them here at home every year. Am I the only one that recognizes his hypocrisy here?
Miss Sharon, I beg your pardon, but you're sadly misinformed. Since 1973, nearly 50 million legal abortions have happened in the U.S. Nearly 1 in 5 U.S. pregnancies ends in abortion. Nearly 1/2 of all African American pregnancies ends in abortion. While war is horrible, there's no comparison. The total deaths from all wars in which the U.S. has been involved since its founding doesn't equal the number of innocent babies murdered in the last 40 years here, to say nothing of the clinics operated overseas by Planned Parenthood. Even adding the approximately 1 million U.S murders that have happened since 1960 doesn't make things close. Given those facts, what makes the pro-life ideology petty, but not yours?
Obama's foreign policy outlook suffers from the same malady afflicting the past half dozen presidents; namely, he doesn't fathom that no amount of political intervention can bring an alternate ideology into submission or cooperation. Previous presidents tried to bring some semblance of "peace" to the Middle East with force. Carter and Obama both tried to do it via appeasement. That didn't work for the nations who tried to reason with and coexist with Hitler, and it won't work with Middle Eastern extremists, either. Where Obama failed beyond his predecessors, though, is in adopting a conciliatory, apologetic posture that entirely denied the origins of America.
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notsofast Wrote: Sep 04, 2012 11:05 PM
Hello, Toucan, I'm sorry that your sister suffers from epilepsy, sadder still your son died for this nation. As a veteran, though I'll never comprehend your loss, I empathize. Nonetheless, please don't speak for me when you say that "all of us" are better off with Obama in the White House. I assure you, I and my family, together with many of my loved ones, are not. I earn about 45K a year and live in a 60 year old house of barely 750 square feet. Don't get me wrong, we do OK, but understand that under Obama, my taxes have gone up, my benefits down. My 401K? In the toilet. We aren't the rich Obama's always railing against, but 4 more years of his ideas and we'll be poor with no freedom. No thanks.
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