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Ridiculous. Unregulated and unbridled capitalism put us in a giant hole. And now you have the nerve to complain that it's taking more than a couple of years for Obama to get us out of the mess created by Bush and other right-wing ideologues.
I don't care whether you call yourself a libertarian, a conservative, a classical liberal, or a small-government Republican. If you don't feel any kinship with your neighbors and aren't willing to pay a reasonable level of tax to make sure others aren't hungry, cold, poor, or sick, then you have serious psychological problems.
Just like everyone else, I don't like the corruption in the tax code. But I'm against tax reform because you wingers want to use it as a vehicle for cutting tax rates on the rich. Those with lots of money have benefited the most from society and the should pay the most.
Do you really expect people to accept your analysis over all the nonpartisan experts at GAO, Treasury, JCT, etc? Particularly when you're funded by the Koch brothers?
Such a silly post. You can't draw conclusions by looking at a handful of items that comprise .0000001 % of the budget. Besides, they probably filmed 50 people before finding a few that would blindly regurgitate anti-government ideology.
The economy grew under Reagan because of Keynesianism. The "Gipper" gave a blank check to the Pentagon, which was dangerous for the world, but it did stimulate the American economy. But not Republicans and conservatives oppose stimulus, even though they do it when they're in power.
When you look at individual cases, you learn that disability is necessary. My cousin lost her job a couple of years ago and the only positions she could find barely paid her half of what she used to earn. She got depressed, as would you and me in the same situation. Getting on disability was a godsend for her.
It took the greed merchants in the GOP about 45 years before they worked up their courage to go after Medicare and Medicaid. I don't think they'll have the courage to overturn universal coverage any time soon. They don't like the poor, but they also don't want to lose reelection.
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The Overlooked Jobs Tragedy

Notredamemom Wrote: Apr 10, 2013 8:36 AM
I agree that we have a serious problem, but "less government" is the problem, not the solution. To be blunt, what we need is a public works programs to give people jobs. And we would get some needed infrastructure. That's a win-win situation.
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Paternalists Are Right…and Wrong

Notredamemom Wrote: Apr 09, 2013 6:11 AM
This is an uncharacteristically thoughtful column. Seems like you're close to recognizing that collective action is sometimes necessary. We'll make a liberal out of you at some point, Dan!
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