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Not one time have I EVER heard anyone on either side of the argument discuss the CHOICE that belongs to the victim, the unborn fetus, child, blob - whatever one calls "IT". A mother AND father owe the INNOCENT a choice. Let it live and decide later if suicide is best.
"I don't know" is a typical Dimocrat/liberal refrain to explain bad behaviour.
As long as BO et al is able to transform America's culture of high civilization from a Judeo-Christian family foundation to one of Socialist-Tribalism, then there will be enough chaos for power monger tyrants to control the masses with very little concern for community welfare that has been the case under traditional underpinnings. We move from well-oiled civilization with warts to ALL WARTS - broken-down communities.
OK, let's do a poll. What do you think? Does American "Gun Culture" come from: __ A. Law abiding, responsible and safe gun owners, hunters, target shooters? __ B. Irresponsible visual media such as "Hollywood", some rap-videos, etc? Call / write your senators and congressperson.
Townhall is being flooded by Alinskys having delusions.
Great! Now he can be Secretary General of the UN and get the helll out of the Land of the Free so it can be free again. BO = Bondage Under Tyranny, BUT.
Saw this live. Mukasey has uber-gravitas and is respected for his integrity and professionalism. This is not a good development for those huddled up in the White House cave trying to stonewall and run the clock out for a second, fatal shot at fundamental transformation of the USofA into their "statist utopia". All please think prayers for our country and the shining of light on evil and doers, thereof.
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The Republican Rape Dilemma

NotPropagandized Wrote: Oct 26, 2012 3:34 PM
Feeling like I'm staunchly pro-life and social conservative, but some of these "leaders", "candidates" are amazingly stupid. And then you ask 'em, "Whaaa TH" were you thinking and they turn on you. I'm thinking a lot of these social conservatives are causing a lot more abortion deaths than if they'd learn how to be innocent as a dove and clever as a serpent. I'm disgusted and really wish the abortion fight would be sent to the states and out of the WashDC tyrant hands...
Looks like great ad but music too loud to hear words.
What women will die in emergency rooms? The ones waiting for US to pay for contraception, abortion, abortifacents?
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