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Yet another example like thousands preceding it of a politically ill Dimocrat that should be in a rest home with John McCain who is actually an American hero gone off the tracks.
Wow! Cornyn is taking Tea Party challenges very seriously. The medley of advertising and popping up as initiator of conservative causes is daunting. One would believe he's not part of the Republican Establishment which he is. . Yes, Cornyn is undoubtedly conservative, but his LOYALTY to ROYALTY takes precedence over his conservatism. Yes, the US Constitution plays second fiddle to the DC Establishment. So sad. What a waste of talent and resume.
Obviously biased toward Wisconsin in picking Ryan who helped Scott so much in recall
America, this proves Dimocrats and CorruptMedia have his paydirt, their Colorado Model successfully ruins any chances for opposition to the statist, socialist model. . So now, America, your middle class is perpetually enslaved to the regime theft of wealth and the crumbs it throws to the entitlement class for its votes. And the misery spirals upward with no relief. . Has anyone taken notice that all the metrics for American performance / ranking in the world have taken a nosedive after levelling off under W? Watch for chaos in the streets, added onto what we already have, in coming years.
So BO and the Dimocrat sympathizing CorruptMedia spend 24/7 propagandizing hate toward GOP and TeaParty and conclusion is that the shutdown damaged popularity? Rubbish. Attack CorruptMedia mercilessly. Don't back down. The tables were reversed in the 1960's when radicals were treated similarly and see where they are now.
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