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I have to clean the floor of all the puke that just exited my stomach....if I can just find an old school chalkboard and run my fingernails on it, I will feel better...
Did Morgan say she speaks 3 languages?? Obviously English is not one of them...
Sometimes "symbolic gestures" are quite meaningful..would you stomp on a paper that said "homosexual" or a picture of Obama or an aborted baby picture? Why are you so angry Kimberly, at Juanita?...you'd be happy i am sure to stomp on a picture of her
Leno is funny, a car guy to boot, pro service member type, who gives to charities that help ex military folk...wish he recognized his own conservative tendencies and was a vocal advocate for our side...oh well, TV will miss him (although i agree with the "read a book" line below.. just finished Metaxas' Bonhoeffer book and the Zamperini book "Unbroken"... Both of them EXCELLENT)
the Bonhoeffer book is a great read and a wonderful rehashing of history that we should have learned in high school... my "PhD" siblings STILL believe Hitler was a Christian...do i hold out that they will take the time to read this book?... the few comments posted here scares me that even my conservative brethren cannot take the 15 minutes to watch the video above, so maybe THEY won't read the book either....sad
Fox Channel needs to pick Jodi Miller up and put her opposite the Daily Show...too few viewers here and too many viewers for Jon Stewart...
is your "call name" for gun control or for ending the worst president's 2nd term early? former, go away troll...latter, you're a swell guy
"These haters were silenced when I reminded them entertainers don’t parent their children they do" I don't know of true conservatives that label those who disagree with them as "haters"...this is the first time I will have to "flag as offensive" one of the writers on Townhall...that's too bad, i hope she doesn't "block" me...
out of what ether did you pull this stat? i think the point is, if a kid needs to be paddled, black or white, give him a paddle from black or white! THAT concept should be black and white "(crystal clear" in case you might interpret that statement as prejudicial)
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Is America an Idiocracy?

notmuchlonger Wrote: Jan 15, 2013 12:03 PM
tis the terrible truth..Idiocracy would be a hilarious movie if it wasn't what we face as conservatives
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