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Unaired & Unedited: Paul Ryan Responds To So-Called Fact-Checkers Of His RNC Speech

not in use Wrote: Aug 30, 2012 6:37 PM
I loved when he asked Williams if he could read the next paragraph from his speech and Williams was not even prepared enough to have it on hand! Then Ryan quoted the next paragraph to prove that the "fact checkers" were only fact checking half the story! Priceless!

I've been trying to keep busy here at the RNC and managed to tap into a rogue feed from the NBC news network and captured this live Brian Williams interview with Paul Ryan where Ryan has a chance to respond to the criticism he's received from the Left since his speech last night. Enjoy the off-air exchange at the conclusion of the interview.

NOTE: I did edit out the talk on abortion because it was tired and Williams' attempts to play "gotcha" with Ryan failed miserably.