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The Confidence Game

not in use Wrote: Aug 22, 2012 5:49 PM
The National Debt did not go down during the Clinton presidency. That urban myth is easily refuted by looking at the National Debt figures. The last time the National Debt went down year to year was in 1957 with the Eisenhower administration.
New polls showing President Obama enlarging his lead over challenger Mitt Romney have brought some Republicans to the point of panic, but logic and history should reassure them that the race will inevitably tilt in their direction.

These expectations matter, since Democrats seem to understand that their most significant advantage stems from the increasingly common conviction that Romney can’t win. Barack Obama may enjoy only a tenuous lead in the ongoing struggle for public opinion, but he’s decisively beating his opponent in the confidence game.

For four months, ever since Mitt Romney became the all-but-certain GOP nominee,...