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fluck will run if she can get someone else to pay for the campaign
the lefty press was fine with obama and his thugs while they were savaging the right and the tea party....now that obama has turned on them, they are surprised......useful idiots.
so, when the left is losing, just redefine everything....
this is great. SO, whenever I don't want to provide an answer to a question I just act indignant and say: "What difference, at this point, does it make?" and I skate.....sweet. Did you murder those people? (insert proposed answer here)...then go home.
....as if they didn't know this legislation was a gigantic stink bomb......
Just joined the NRA....don't even own a gun....but will help the fight against bloomie and the progessives
the fraud-in-chief will say anything
joe thinks it's sad because JJ JR is black....geez....another black, sleazy democrat gets caught....BOO HOO
While this may be minor and a bit of a stretch....I think landrieu would be smart enough to be on top of things and limit exposure to her "mansion"....just sad that voters are so uninformed to elect a turd like her
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