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This is what Obama supports as do most American's. No matter how you try to spin it. "Looking more closely at when abortions should be legal, CNN asked about if they should be allowed when the woman’s life is endangered. Americans agreed with that on a 88-9 percentage point margin. In cases of rape and incest, Americans supported legal abortions on a 83-14 percentage point margin. And when the woman’s health is supposedly in danger from the pregnancy, Americans were alright with abortion on a 83-12 percentage point margin."
Help me Mommy, these people can be mean to me.
Palin calling anyone a "dingbat" is a joke.
The vote was the disgrace.
If you believe that buying your way to the government you like via corporate dollars to politicians is free speech then there really is no free speech
NEWS FLASH Intelligent women see through this charade and resent the fact that the right thinks they are so dumb they would fall for this hoax.
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