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Moroccan Pottery, Obamaphones, and Gaydar: How the Government Wasted Your Money This Year

Not_That_Stupid_Yet Wrote: Oct 16, 2012 6:14 PM
We could do away with the TSA if the government actually controlled our borders and knew who was in the country, but better to treat you as a terrorist that do their job. Actually controlling our borders would do 3 things the left will never stand for, greatly reduce the amount of illegal drugs, the amount of illegals working in our country consuming tax dollars, and help stop the trafficking of women for the sex trade here. But hey who would want to do anything about these problems, when we can waste so much more money by pretending to do something about these problems.
Senator Tom Coburn released the Wastebook 2012 today detailing the 100 most egregious wastes of taxpayer money. The two hundred page report details waste in all manner of federal spending - from multi-billion dollar programs all the way down to a $300 grant to a small-town library for a Star Wars-themed event. It's emblematic of the waste found everywhere in the federal budget.

Coburn details a $27 million U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) program for pottery classes in Morocco. The program, which has a questionable premise in the first place, was doomed due to incompetence and mismanagement....