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Harvard on Whether It Listed Warren as a "Native American" Through 2011: No Comment

NOT-SYBIL Wrote: May 04, 2012 6:40 PM
DIZZY LIZZY... aka Elizabeth Warren Soooo ... an afirmative-action employee of 70 others other at Harvard Law seeks becoming a US Senator because her world and societal view is "superior" Soooo... send her a message and make November a month to remember for this ditzy and ever Dizzy Lizzy. Soooo.... "superior" she be...

Team Warren is also curiously silent on this very simple question.  Draw your own conclusions, America:

Harvard Law School lists one lone Native American faculty member on its latest diversity census report — but school officials and campaign aides for Elizabeth Warren refused to say yesterday whether it refers to the Democratic Senate candidate … The 2011 report indicates that “Race/Ethnicity designations are from self-report data,” meaning whoever is listed as a Native American told the school of their tribal lineage.

Robert C. Clark, a professor and former Harvard Law School dean, is listed...