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TRANSACTION TAXES ... We already have that. It's called a sales tax. Some want to extend this and create a federal sales tax on top of that imposed by states. Added to this they envision the creation of "transaction taxes" to cover everything else Wall Street related. And... what would these lovelies aka lifer-electeds... do with the added revenue? They surely would not use it (and never have previously) to pay down the otherwise ever growing National Debt. Instead, they will use it to enlarge promisses to voter-constituent they pander to... especially those who do not belong in a voting booth due to being... voter-dysfunctional.
The Aerican Indians... lured into compliance by a few Turkey Dinners... suffered their fate having allowed excessive diversity to grow and multiply resulting in Indian survivors to be rounded up and place, forcibly, onto reservations (as also will be your descendants).
ANY NATION... so stupid as to allow excessive 'diversity' upon its land... is a nation that will not last a century. This is now to be the fate of Europe... invaded over the past decade by some 40 million 'islamics' from the Middle East. This will also be the fate of America.. this century.. due to allowing two groups better suited elsewhere to instead pretend being modern day 'immigrants' when instead they are interlopers and invaders. This... shall and will.. doom America and seal it's fate.
... will offset or disallow the outcome... national disolution of the United States. Throughout history when those too different to be considered equal invade a land and become the majority.. nations as a result have collapsed. The happened to the Roman Empire and will also happen her.. in America... and for the same reason... EXCESSIVE DIVERSITY !!
EXCESSIVE DIVERSITY ... TODAY... will swarm and swamp your descendants... tomorrow. From another continent some arrived staring in 1610 (but a few hundred thousadn over the next century) that grew to 3 million in 1865.. and today number 42 million. From another land south of our border another group also numbered but 3 million... one hundred years later in 1965.. and today number 58 million. To gether thee two groups now tally 100 million in America (six timesgreater than in ... 1965). They tally 1/3 of Americ'as current population. By 2075 they will tally 2/3... and become a super majority followed by being an ultra-majority (by 2100 whe they tally 75% of US population). Neither good will, peaceful intention or intermarriages...
BARELY ABLE TO FORM WORDS... this "Sharpton" carries on...
FIGURE CAN LIE AND LIARS, LIKE SHARPTON, CAN FIGURE ... and this obese unemployed "reverend" (since 1965) whose income remains a mystery... is a blight upon Obama and Holder's "my people".
KING SHARPTON.... Let this moron run a nation and head a people in... Africa.
PUT SHARPTON ON JEOPARDY WITH JACKSON AND JERKAMIAH'S WRIGHT... ... and see which of these so called ministers, reverendS or pastors (none are a priest you might note)... wins with so much as two correct answers.
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