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The Education Blob's Revenge

Nos Nevets Wrote: Apr 24, 2013 10:25 AM
Would this story even exist if schools were not Government schools? Always ask that question about any school news. You'll be surprised. The World of Ideas is too important to be trusted to the State. That is the essence of the 1st Amendment.
I wrote recently how teachers unions, parent-teacher associations and school bureaucrats form an education "Blob" that makes it hard to improve schools. They also take revenge on those who work around the Blob.

Here's one more sad example:

Ben Chavis, founder and principal of the American Indian Public Charter Schools, got permission to compete with the Blob in Oakland, Calif. Chavis vowed, "We'll outperform the other schools in five years." He did. Kids at the three schools he runs now have some of the highest test scores in California.

His schools excel even though the government spends less on them.

But Chavis paid his...