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Study: MSNBC is Pretty Much Pure Propaganda at This Point

Nos Nevets Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 11:25 AM
Who's living in a bubble? Republicans or the mainstream majority who listen to mainstream media?
The Original Alice Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 11:31 AM
Conservatives are the only ones who hear both sides; we listen to/read/watch sources like talk radio/TH/Fox News, so we get one side.
Then by virtue of BREATHING in the US, we get the liberal side, everywhere we go.

I listen to NPR every day, so I get a full slice of what-the-populace-is-being-told.
My observation? It's what they are NOT being told that's always the catch.
I always wait to hear the part that Conservatives are pointing to, and it's rarely - I mean rarely - there.
When it is, I hoot out loud!
"OMG, they actually mentioned that the WH *DID* know - and that Rice was lying! InCREDible!"

The Obama campaign and cable "news" network MSNBC shared more than a mere slogan this presidential cycle.  Neither entity had a single negative thing to say about the incumbent president over the closing week of the campaign.  By definition, it was Team Obama's job to portray the president in a unflinchingly favorable light -- but what exactly is the NBC-owned channel's mission statement?  Fox News is often accused of being a little more than a right-wing spin machine, particularly during its opinion programming.  Fox's overall coverage of the campaign tilted heavily in favor of Mitt Romney during the home...