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Fort Hood's Casualties Have Earned The Purple Heart

Nos Nevets Wrote: Aug 15, 2013 2:56 AM
In order to recognize Purple Hearts, In order to recognize Hasan a traitor, we would first have to recognize the war that is being fought. It is one war, waged world-wide by Islamic Jihadists, mujahadeen. The enemy is not confused. Hasan knows what the war is. What confuses us is that wars, in recent centuries have been waged by kings & nation-states against other kings & nation-states. This is not that. Like generals who fight with the previous war's tactics (e.g. WWII's Maginot Line; StonewallJackson wantng pikes), we can't imagine a war fought by people united by something other than national cause, let alone religion (the west no longer thinks religion is worth dying for). It's one war waged on many battlefronts: Afghanistan, Darfur, Iraq, Israel, Somalia. It is not a War on Terror, or Terrorists. Not all terror is part of this war (e.g., school massacres) any more than a 1944 murder in Minneapolis was part of WW2. But terror is a Jihadist guerrilla *tactic* of this war worldwide: NY, London, Boston, Spain, D.C., Philippines, Indonesia, Chechnya, India, Ft. Hood. World-wide. One could call it World War Three. If we refuse to identify it, we will keep losing it. If we declare it what it is, our victory is inevitable.