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wait a minute. She wants a pass because she wasn't herself because she was pregnant? That's her argument? Women are weak and can't be expected to behave up to normal standards men are held to because of what, hormones? Maybe they are victims being assaulted by the alien being growing within. That sounds more like 2nd wave feminist rhetoric. But the implication reamains what is suggested above. I'm not buying it. I think women are more capable than that. Pregnant women need to be protected from themselves?
re. "It's a stretch." I nouned a verb there, didn't I?
verbing weirds nouns. But we do it anyway. I kinda like 'apples'. As in apples & oranges? It's a stretch. I've stretched apples before, to make one apply to 5 kids.
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Brit Hume: GOP Won't Impeach Obama

Nos Nevets Wrote: Jul 30, 2014 9:52 AM
Don't impeach. Pleased please please, don't impeach. 1. Senate won't convict, and a precedent will be set for Ceasar above the law. 2. It will bring out Dem voters like in 1998. Instead: WIN THE SENATE in November.
Consider Cops&Robbers vs. team sports: When boys choose sides to play Cops&Robbers, they all know in advance the robbers are going to lose. No one wants to be a Robber, but they take turns losing. When they choose sides for sports, the outcome can go either way. Why? Because role playing is practice at being an adult. The boys are discovering, testing, practicing where courage, danger, self-sacrifice, violence, & restraint are moral or immoral, good or bad. The robbers' violent behavior is never ok. It must be punished by the brave cops. Girls do something similar playing house. Even animals do it. Kittens stalk each other. Antelope kids play tag. They're practicing being adults. We need boys to figure this out while they are young.
No impeachment. Talk of impeachment brings Ds to the polls in Nov, just like in 1998. Win the Senate.
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Sarah Palin Launches Online Web Channel

Nos Nevets Wrote: Jul 29, 2014 10:09 AM
I wouldn't want to use the present occupant as a standard. George Washington! Now there's a ruler to measure by.
FM, Yes, that was her stated reason. Will she also resign the presidency when their same ilk makes more costly stupid attacks? I remain skeptical. It looks like either the attacks had substance or she lacks spine. I sincerely hope I am too judgmental. In 2008 I wished the ticket were Palin/McCain instead of McCain/Palin. I promise to watch the suggested documentary with an open mind, although AnnFan_777 seems to think I'd be too dimwitted to understand it. I hope it doesn't have big words.
"And yet, somehow, you 'know' God exists." "What We Can't Not Know" "Written on the Heart: The Case for Natural Law" by J. Budziszewski Prof at Baylor. I think he pronounces his own name BOO''-duh-Cheff'-skee.
re. "1st Amendment limits only Congress". I believer the post-Civil War 14th Ammendment extends these congressional restrictions to other lower government entities. But I'm not a constitutional scholar.
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