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Why ‘Gay Marriage’ is Evil

Nos Nevets Wrote: Jan 26, 2015 1:48 AM
"Jesus . . . invented logic." Could He have made it something other than it now is?
Good info! I still believe people, especially mob action, can screw things up w/o government help. & then there are windfalls & famines, & other uncertainties good & bad. I just think gov't help usually makes it worse. Look, we're quibbling over not much. I think we need to be more libertarian than we are. At some point in a wished-for future I may part ways with Libertarians, but I'll be long dead before then.
Yes, so stipulated. Any use of a resource eliminates its alternate use. Economics is the study of alternate uses of scarce resources.
Like tulip bubble in Holland, 1593? Gov't intervened, but didn't cause. Or gold rushes? People do crazy stuff. Free markets aren't going to stop that. I think the ups & downs might often be even steeper. Probably shorter lived, & more up than down in long run.
Count me as one who thinks there would be booms & busts w/o government intervention. I just think the intervention postpones normal corrections and makes things worse.
Thank-you, Raymond, Steps 5 & 6 particularly resonate with what I was saying. And the whole thing is nothing but Social Engineering, adjusting policy to guide behaviour to places people would not go if left to themselves.
Worst negotiator from YOUR perspective, not HIS. Remember his goal: a smaller, wussier, insignificant USA who will sit in the UN backbenches. From that perspective, I think he's not bumbling & fumbling. If you evaluate his actions with HIS goal in mind, his actions make much more sense.
Nevertheless, Castro has reigned, whereas she has been reined in. A little free association: Mark Steyn says that if you could choose the empire whose thumb you had to be under (Egypt, Nebuchadnezzar, Alexander, Roman, Ottoman, Aztec, Khan, Zulu, ...) you'd be wise to choose Britain.
Fidel Castro is now the world's oldest reigning Monarch. (Queen Elizabeth II is 4 months oler, but she's just a figurehead.)
Jarrett Iranian? True, Jarrett was born in Iran, but to American parents, with deep American roots. I am unaware of a Muslim connection, other than them choosing to live in Iran (previous regime). Are you confusing her with Hillary Clinton's confidante, Huma Amidan, the Mrs. Anthony Weiner? The Amidan family has Muslim activist history. Please advise if there's more to it than this. Gotta keep our villains straight.
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