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This could have been a good article if it had actually said anything. Fracking has the same chemical as toothpaste & ice cream. huh. What chemical? Dihydrogen Monoxide?
The Onion is for sale.
Amen on impeachment. It's political, not judicial. Let Issa & Gowdy, & new senate majority make the case to the American public. If the offense resonates so much that the Senate would convict, i.e., 11+ Democratic senators will vote for impeachment, go for it. If not, it's fodder for 2016 campaign.
Impeach ONLY IF the general public cries for it. Non-Republicans must call for impeachment. Nixon stepped down when members of his own party told him to. Clinton remains popular. The Republican task is to make the case to the public until - a tall order, I know - some Demorcrats will vote for impeachment - and conviction. W/o that, impeachment strengthens the Deomcrats.
Nah, lying isn't senility or a mental disorder. It's just evil. Her constituents are in favor of exactly who they demorqatically keep re-electing. Which,btw, is an example of why we want a Constitutional Republic rather than unbridled Democracy.
Dear Ms. Davis, I commend you for standing true to your inner core, despite being told you need to lie about who really are & what you really believe in order to win an election. Thank-you, Ms. Davis, for allowing Texas to choose based on facts. Now please go home.
Republicans did not win. Democrats lost. If Republicans fail to govern wisely, they will lose in 2016. It won't matter who the Democrat backbencher whippersnapper is. He won't win; Republicans will lose.
If you evaluate Obama's actions in light of the above intentions, it's all consistent. Many in his base share his view, but sometimes has to go more slowly than he would like to appease the public not completely on board. But all in all, he has effectively, not incompetently, led us down that path.
Obama wants a less-significant, poorer, smaller America, American Exceptonalism? Everyone's exceptional. Give away her wealth. Erase borders. Shut off oil. Sit down & shut up in the "U" section of the UN with the other kingdoms & emerates.between Uganda & Uraguay. Speak when spoken to. Obey International Law. Take the bounce out of Tigger.
Actually this is a great example of why we do not want to live in a DEMOCRACY. In a democracy, the majority rules. In a Constitutional Republic the majority is held in check by RULE OF LAW: the Constitution. Minority rights are protected in the current system, but would be in jeopardy under a democracy.
Status Quo. That's the keyword (keywords? key phrase). Establishment GOP likes stability. That is why they support in-place Democratic policies they once opposed back when said policy constituted change. They don't like change, even change back to what was once better status quo. That is why we still have Social Security, Depression-era Farm supports, EPA, Dept or Ed, Dept of Energy, & Welfare, corporate or otherwise. That is why Obamacare will not be repealed. Now that it is status quo, Establishment GOP supports Obamacare.
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