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This is the kind of Free Market vison needed to replace Obamacare. We need to address some very real problems in the pre- & post-Obama system. If Rs don't have a vision, we'll get single-payer. And Hillary.
It's not "racial" but consider how much difference one half of one chromosome pair can make: an X vs a Y. Whether via evolution or directly breathing on dust, God created both in his image: "male & female created he them". Therein lies the basis for equality before the Almighty Judge.
JRusso, May I also enlist you in my fight to properly pronounce the first R in FebRuary. Not Feb-Yoo- ary !!! Stay tuned for the big push in about 6 months. Canada celebrates the 4th of July on July 1st. In Tanzania The 4th of July is today. It is called "Saba Saba", 7/7. Saba is Swahili for 7. 7/7 means 7/July. It absolutely does _N_O_T_ mean July/7.
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Renouncing Jewish Jihad

Nos Nevets Wrote: Jul 07, 2014 8:09 AM
Related: There is a violent streak in Buddhism, too, but once again last week the Dalai Lama decried violence against Muslims in Buddhist majority Sri Lanka & Myanmar (aka Burma), saying that the Buddha would defend the Muslims.
She has a "right" pocket?
Bear's right! What about the malaria-carrying Anopholes Mosquito that used to inhabit the foggy bottoms around DC? Doesn't it have a right to live? Mosquitoes are people, too! Restore it's habitat. Bring back malaria to DC.
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Having a Laugh About Gluten

Nos Nevets Wrote: Jul 06, 2014 6:46 AM
EXTREME moderation in ALL thing.
What does this "Clinton Foundation" do with the money?
The Clinton's were so poor they had so share a bedroom.
I personally don't like disparaging remarks about women's looks unless it is germane to the topic. (E.g. an article about beauty pageants. In which case, i don't care because I wouldn't be reading it anyway.)
"Like David Letterman" ?
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