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Rush: Only War on Women is the GOP Elite War on Sarah Palin

NorthPatriot Wrote: May 31, 2012 8:23 AM
Yeah, she's pretty and has a beautiful family... Because, you know, that's what makes a good leader. I like how you dismiss the people that call her "dumb" and then offer no evidence to refute it. The fact is, she IS dumb, which is why no one wanted her a heartbeat away from the big red button in 2008. The entire country woke up just before November and said, collectively, "OH DEAR LORD WHAT WERE WE THINKING??!" and then Obama won. Watch it happen again as soon as these ignorant Southern Baptist bigots remember that Romney is Mormon and they're not ready for that yet.

Last week, Tea Party candidate Richard Mourdock beat out long time U.S. Senator Richard Lugar in Indiana. This week, Tea Party Candidate Deb Fisher won a Nebraska primary and will compete for a U.S. Senate seat in November. Both candidates were endorsed by former Alaska Governor and GOP Vice Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin. Many people are calling it "Palin power," and now, Rush Limbaugh is accusing the GOP elite of waging a war on Palin, which I would say has been going on since the day she was launched onto the national stage.