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Rush: Only War on Women is the GOP Elite War on Sarah Palin

NorthPatriot Wrote: May 31, 2012 8:18 AM
P.s. my favourite part of this site is how the comments are 70% spammers, and 30% stupid people who can't spell. HAHAHA And you people think you can handle running the country? I say you stick with what you're good at -- skipping school to shoot things (hence the ignorance and love of guns), giving birth to slutty women and gay children (who are all the people buying birth control and trying to get married), and touting/legislating on your religious hatred (drawing from a book that tells you to love everyone and that God is the only true judge).

Last week, Tea Party candidate Richard Mourdock beat out long time U.S. Senator Richard Lugar in Indiana. This week, Tea Party Candidate Deb Fisher won a Nebraska primary and will compete for a U.S. Senate seat in November. Both candidates were endorsed by former Alaska Governor and GOP Vice Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin. Many people are calling it "Palin power," and now, Rush Limbaugh is accusing the GOP elite of waging a war on Palin, which I would say has been going on since the day she was launched onto the national stage.