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It's sad that you have to reduce ladies to being jealous... Though, I suppose, as a conservative, you don't have any other understanding of ladies. You see, in Republiland, all women are blonde, attractive, stupid, unambitious, unassuming, and agree with everything the men say. Take your hero Katie (scroll up) for instance! She has the perfect look -- and none of the brains. So naturally, if she's going to make any waves at all, it's going to be because other women are "jealous." There's nothing else to feel!! That's all she has going for her! Just like all other idiotic conservative women who can't think for themselves, let alone stand up for themselves. I'm sorry this is so shocking to all of you.
LMAO If by "well done" you mean, way to spew ignorant, poorly-researched partisan bile all over an already ignorant society!" Because I was thinking the same thing.
Wait... the Democratic Party is officially dead and buried? When did that happen? Pretty sure the Democrats kicked Sarah Palin's butt 4 years ago, and are still currently residing in the White House... or are you all living in a DIFFERENT country full of other mentally retarded windbags like yourself?
Thank you! 10 points for not being an idiot. It's a shame that we have to congratulate people for that now, but in this day and age, comments like yours are a shining ray of hope in a dark cave of ignorance and patriarchal misogyny. I'm proud, fellow patriot!
You watch Hannity... and are literate??! Man, apparently things ARE changing. And you all thought Obama was spouting empty promises. But if conservatives who watch FOX News are starting to learn to spell, well by golly, that's enough hope and change to last me a lifetime!!
I completely agree! God, I didn't know conservatives still remember Edmund Burke! You make me proud, sir.
Well, there's that war on women. But then there's also the one where the GOP is denying rights to pregnant women in favour of their poor, innocent, defenceless unborn children (you know, the underdeveloped mass of cells that lacks feeling and sentience) with a fierce disregard for the fact that these are taxpaying, voting citizens with rights - rights that came from actually having been born already. So when you institute mandatory ultrasounds, or deny birth control coverage due to your religion (when, somehow VIAGRA is covered, and nobody minds), you are actually taking away a woman's political and medical autonomy against their will. If that's not a war on women, I don't know what is.
HAHAHA Support from women is INCREASING? Apparently, all women have forgotten about the conservative mission to strip them of legal and medical rights, and instead hand them over to partially developed masses of cells that do not have brains, let alone a desire to live. This ignores the fact that the mother is a taxpayer, while the fetus is not, so if she dies in childbirth, that's less for defense. But oh well! I guess if conservative women believe that praying to the God of corporate cruelty and misogynistic patriarchy will give them a better life, then I guess I'll will never have to worry about them leaving the kitchen, and hopefully, they will get better at speaking only when spoken to.
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