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Thank you, once again, for not being an idiot. I'm starting to comb the comments looking for your name, just so I know that hope is on the way.
Yeah, she's pretty and has a beautiful family... Because, you know, that's what makes a good leader. I like how you dismiss the people that call her "dumb" and then offer no evidence to refute it. The fact is, she IS dumb, which is why no one wanted her a heartbeat away from the big red button in 2008. The entire country woke up just before November and said, collectively, "OH DEAR LORD WHAT WERE WE THINKING??!" and then Obama won. Watch it happen again as soon as these ignorant Southern Baptist bigots remember that Romney is Mormon and they're not ready for that yet.
And this is why you're going to lose in November. Because stupid people love Sarah Palin, and they're the ones that vote.
P.s. my favourite part of this site is how the comments are 70% spammers, and 30% stupid people who can't spell. HAHAHA And you people think you can handle running the country? I say you stick with what you're good at -- skipping school to shoot things (hence the ignorance and love of guns), giving birth to slutty women and gay children (who are all the people buying birth control and trying to get married), and touting/legislating on your religious hatred (drawing from a book that tells you to love everyone and that God is the only true judge).
And the red states are borrowing from them. What's even funnier is how stupid you are.
So, if you're not a conservative, you're "pretending" to be one?? Because I don't think those are the only two options. You pathetic, ignorant turd.
Thank you for being a small, glimmering light of hope. It's a shame the other trolls on this website don't know how stupid they are, let alone how stupid Rush is.
And you would think, having written that statement, that you would *understand* it. And realize that it's ridiculous and stupid. If red states are being funded by blue ones, then your next statement doesn't make any sense. You just proved your own idiocy. I only point it out because I fear the other idiots on this site are more inclined to agree with you before realizing how idiotic you really are.
It's sad that you have to reduce ladies to being jealous... Though, I suppose, as a conservative, you don't have any other understanding of ladies. You see, in Republiland, all women are blonde, attractive, stupid, unambitious, unassuming, and agree with everything the men say. Take your hero Katie (scroll up) for instance! She has the perfect look -- and none of the brains. So naturally, if she's going to make any waves at all, it's going to be because other women are "jealous." There's nothing else to feel!! That's all she has going for her! Just like all other idiotic conservative women who can't think for themselves, let alone stand up for themselves. I'm sorry this is so shocking to all of you.
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