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No Benghazi Justice is a Scandal

Northern Patriot Wrote: Aug 03, 2013 11:54 AM
Looks like the administrations critics will have even less to look forward to in the matter of Benghazi, to wit: "A special operations commander who played a role the night of last year’s attack in Benghazi told a congressional panel Wednesday that no “stand down” order was given to forces on the ground in Libya. Col. George Bristol, who commanded an Africa-based task force at the time of the terrorist attack, told the House Armed Services Committee that he gave Lt. Col. S.E. Gibson, who led the site security team in Tripoli, initial freedom of action to respond to the attack on the U.S. facility in Benghazi. Bristol corroborated testimony Gibson provided the committee last month that no “stand down” order was given — contradicting accusations made by critics of the Obama administration’s response to the attack — according to a description of Wednesday’s classified, members-only briefing of the Armed Services Oversight and Investigations subcommittee." See: "Special operations commander briefs Armed Services panel on Benghazi"; Also for a good companion read see Beyond Benghazi:
Good related read: The IRS Scandal and the False Hope of Tea Party Revival;
Christie is spot on with his commentary. If you don't think so read: The IRS Scandal and the False Hope of Tea Party Revival; And also Where Have all the Libertarian’s Gone?
The GOP can't win nationally now because it's ideology is out of sync with the majority of Americans.
So what, in the long run Rand Paul & Co., are going no where. See: The IRS Scandal and the False Hope of Tea Party Revival;
Related to this discussion. Outstanding insight and commentary for Benghazi and IRS: Blue City Politics & Commentary;
If you've got an ax to grind on Clinton then this post is a must read: Beyond Benghazi;
On the topics of the I.R.S. scandal and Benghazi these two articles provide some needed insight: The IRS Scandal and the False Hope of Tea Party Revival; Beyond Benghazi;
When it comes to Benghazi, this guy nails it! Read: "Beyond Benghazi";
Odd analysis about voter fraud as 95% of what's been uncovered thus far has been shown to be the handiwork of Republicans.
"Morris Predicts Huge Romney Victory" So what! Morris also made the statement in 2008 on the weekend before the election that: "Republicans were coming home and McCain would win." How'd that work out. Bottom line is that Morris is a run of the mill conservative shill, like the Weekly Standard's Steven Hayes and like many of the "columnists" here who are incapable of being honest when analyzing Obama so what they have to say should be taken with a grain of salt.
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