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Friday Fun: 13-Year-Old Girl Rocks the Range

NormRx Wrote: Feb 02, 2013 7:15 AM
My mother was too. My dad was a trapper and my mother did all of the skinning. We lived in a small town and had one pig a few chickens and rabbits. One day the pig got out and we were unable to catch it so my mother went in the house got the .22, put one shot into the pig and he dropped like a rock. We were planing on butchering the pig in a few weeks so we just moved up the schedule a little bit. I also had an aunt that drove a semi, this was in the late 40's. It is only city people that think women doing a "mans job" is unique, rural women have been doing the same work as men for years. My sister lived on a farm and she would drive the self propelled combine.

Meet Katelyn Francis, a 13-year-old shooting expert. She competes in multi-gun competitions all over the country. Watch and learn, boys.

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