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I would fix the leak myself, then I would call the intellectual to clean up the mess.
I live in Wisconsin and I would support Walker for President. If Obama doesn't use a teleprompter he talks like a sixth grade idiot. If he is so smart, why not release his transcripts from Columbia and Harvard. This dumb a ss thinks we have 57 states, Charleston is on the gulf, they speak Austrian in Austria, doesn't know how to pronounce corpsman, thinks Hawaii is in Asia. If Obama is an example of an elite Eastern education give me a college dropout anytime.
So Hitler invaded neighboring countries that had a large ethnic German population and you think that is ok. Suppose Mexico had the military power to invade our whole Southwest because they have a large Mexican population? I suppose you would say that is OK.
If this bit ch was going to be my mother I would pray to God that she would abort me. Growing up in a house with this piece of garbage I would welcome death.
I know a guy that has several businesses when people ask him where he went to college he always replies that he didn't go but all of his bartenders did. Even today college is not necessary, especially if you take courses ending in "studies" Go to a good two year trade school and learn a trade, don't get knocked up or knock up a girl before you get married, try and stay married, live five years behind your income and save at least 10% of you income and you will do fine.
I agree, but I would say the dems are worse.
The oil is coming through the US now, it is just shipped by rail. Warren Buffett owns Burlington Northern. Do you want to take a guess as to which railroad delivers the oil? I'll give you a hint, it's initials are BN. So Obama's buddy makes millions delivering this oil. Pipelines are the safest and least polluting method of delivering this oil. There have already been several train derailments, spilling oil and men dying from these train wrecks. But who cares, as long as Obama's buddy gets rich.
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Michael Moore, Michigan Sniper

NormRx Wrote: Jan 21, 2015 7:08 AM
I would call more a lying pig but I don't want to denigrate a nice fat sow.
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Why Orthodox Jewish Women are Happy

NormRx Wrote: Jan 19, 2015 2:32 PM
"They are being whisked from their homes only to find that they have been duped into accepting a one-way ticket to a life of cooking, cleaning and sewing for violent extremists." No, not cooking, cleaning and sewing. Damn, how terrible.
Maybe so, but if you get a degree in qu eer theory you will really rake in the big bucks.
I have a buddy that has several businesses. He tells everyone that he never went to college but all of his bartenders did.
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