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Do as I say, not as I do seems to be a popular mentality with people who push to disarm law abiding citizens in certain venues. Such is the case with Dwayne Ferguson, a leader in the anti-violence organization Mad Dads. Ferguson was arrested last week on two felony charges stemming from the fact that he was carrying a loaded firearm at an elementary school. Police initiated a several hour lockdown of the school following an anonymous report about a man carrying a gun on school property. Ferguson does work as a security guard and has a permit to carry a gun. However, Ferguson is not permitted to carry a firearm on school property. Ironically, Ferguson was part of a recent push to make carrying a firearm, even if you possess a carry permit, on to school grounds a felony (that charge was previously a misdemeanor.
"Either she doesn’t feel like you two have enough money, and she’s resorting to credit cards for this reason, or she does this because she’s a spoiled brat who thinks she should always have what she wants when she wants it." I also had a wife like that. When I told her she has to cut back, she told me "no, you have to make more money." We finally went into counseling and after several sessions the counselor asked me for my opinion. I told him "I don't need a counselor, I need a lawyer." That was in 1987, getting divorced and quitting smoking were the two best decisions I ever made. As the old expression goes. "Do you know why divorce is so expensive? Because it is worth it."
The day the NFL and unions are gone will be a happy day indeed.
Another one is autism and ADD. Just lower the criteria and increase the number of people that need to be treated. I sold a cholesterol lowering drug and I remember when doctors were not worried about a cholesterol level of 300mg.%
I saw a Canadian study that stated that homosexual activity was twice as dangerous as smoking. Engaging in homosexual activity can knock 15-20 years off of your life. Be careful what you put in your mouth kids..
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It's Later Than Men Think

NormRx Wrote: Jan 28, 2014 9:26 AM
I am 71 the very thought of having any more kids makes my skin crawl. I don't care how beautiful the woman is I would rather cut my nu*s off than have another kid or get married again. Do I sound bitter? Your right, I am what you women made me.
Banning gun ownership for anyone under 25 would have as much effect on murder as banning screwing for anyone under 25 would have on abortions.
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DeBlasio Punishes 1% in NYC Snow Storm

NormRx Wrote: Jan 22, 2014 7:00 AM
let the pri*ks stay where they are. We don't need more leftist in the South and West. They already took over Colorado and look what happened.
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Congress cuts funding for horse slaughter

NormRx Wrote: Jan 17, 2014 7:36 AM
Mmmmmm, Horse meat, the very thought makes my mouth water.
Sounds like another case for affirmative action. For every girl that is killed, one boy has to be killed. What a sick society we have.
Here is another comparison between guns and cars. Sir: You mention that you and the AMA believe that firearms ownership should be put to the same set of laws that driving a car should be put to. As a CCW holder and lifelong shooter, I would say that I Conditionally agree with you. At age 16 (or 14, if your state allows it), I should be able to pass a simple written test in which the answers are given in a government published pamphlet. I should be able to have a certain amount of range time to demonstrate my ability to correctly identify which end of a gun the bullet comes out of and be able to pass a childishly simple series of handling exercises. Following that I would receive a license to own and carry guns. This license would be valid in any of the fifty states- just like a driver's license. If I wanted to carry a gun in Washington DC, I could do so despite DC's much stricter gun laws than say, my home state of Wisconsi, because my Wisconsin’s driver's license is recognized as valid anywhere in the US. I would be allowed to carry those guns openly or concealed or any way in which I desire. It would allow me to carry my gun anywhere I so desired and in any way I wanted- just like I could drive my car anywhere. I could take it to amusement parks, bars, police stations, schools, or any private property that allowed me to enter. I would be able to own as many guns as I wanted, of whatever type or size that I wanted, as small or large as I could imagine. They could be fully automatic machine guns, concealable miniature pistols, short barreled shotguns, pistols with an extra magazine under the barrel, guns shaped like Oscar Mayer wieners, quad-barreled 20mm cannon, and anything in between. I could trick my guns out with any size barrel or handles I wanted, including combinations that today would be considered illegal according to ATF because they have no "sporting" purpose. In fact, the whole idea of "sporting" use would vanish, since automobiles can be built in any style or shape or color the owner desires. If I wanted to add an extended capacity fuel tank, collapsible trunk spoiler, headlight shrouds, tactical push bar, trailer hitch that protrudes conspicuously below the chassis, detachable rear seats, or a shoulder thing that goes up to a car- well, only my wallet size is be an issue- so why would it not also apply to my guns equally? I would be able to buy or sell those guns with nothing more than a cash exchange and a handshake to anyone in the Unit
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