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Does subsidizing someone's birth control amount to interfering in what goes on in one's bedroom?
And the way things look, it's minorities, women and young folks who are being hurt the most by Obama's policies. Just look at minority unemployment for example. Women will also be the most hurt by Obamacare.
"At least 3.5 million Americans have been issued cancellations, but the exact number is unclear". A really naïve question: wasn't the point of Obamacare to have more people with health insurance, not less?
They would be upper middle class in most countries given their lifestyles. Two cars in the driveway, flat screen TV's, Obamaphones, and plenty of food through SNAP program for everyone. Yeah, they have it pretty darn good.
Liberal, but they didn't do any tort reform as part of Obamacare. When Republicans (like Paul Ryan) started offering ideas like Tort Reform, Obama's response was "I won"--basically shut up and take it. The bottom line is that the current system is broken due in large part to government interference almost 50 years ago (Medicare and Medicaid) and Obamacare didn't do anything to fix the problems those programs is making them worse. Less government interference and deregulation is the ONLY way to make healthcare more affordable and accessible to everyone. You might recall that these were the goals of Obamacare in the first place.
liberalsupertroll Wrote: 3 minutes ago (2:03 PM) Yes that has what has exactly happened, the poor have stopped buying healthcare insurance and the system has broken. Hence the Government needs to step in to grease the system and put in place a system that actually works. -------------------------------------- You can't possibly be that dense. The poor are given Medicaid for "free" (at taxpayer expense) and CAN'T use it because many doctors don't take it. The government has created a market distortion by attempting to force these doctors to care for the poor at sharply reduced rates of reimbursement. This is going on at the same time these doctors have to spend big bucks to defend themselves against frivulous lawsuits because the trial attorneys won't allow any reform in that area. So what would you do as a doctor? Keep treating poor people until you have to claim bankruptcy? Or see patients who will provide insurance to fairly reimburse you for your services? But your answer is...more government interference. And when Obamacare doesn't work, you'll be demanding for more government interference through single payer and so on. Take a critical look at the root cause of the problem and stop demanding more goverment to every issue in our society as a reflex reaction please.
No one will take it away. They will just push market distortions that will force health care providers out of business. So you won't have your health care plan anymore, but you can only connect the dots to realize the government caused it if you have an IQ higher than 70.
Liberal Troll Wrote: Not only that you are also free to shop on exchanges, but what you are not free to shop are sub standard plans that are harmful to the whole society. It is not good for you to shop something that hurts a poor person is it? ---------------------- If plans are substandard people would stop buying them and the agency would need to develop better plans or go out of business. It's not like society is going to be harmed, because there aren't enough drones (eg. Obama Supporters) that would keep blindly buying an inferior service when there are others available. Further, poor people are on Medicaid, so why would shopping for something hurt them?
Today you don't need to go through a government exchange (where government dictates insurance terms) to buy insurance. Today, you don't have the IRS intruding into your life and your healthcare decisions. Today, you don't have a deathpanel (comprised of government bureaucrats) to tell you whether or not you're worthy of treatment.
It's not about guns, it's all about control. More gun control is the answer to every question you ask a Leftist because it enhances their power. Also, most Leftists policies must be implemented by force because people just don't understand what's in their best interests. When "subjects" are disarmed, it faciliates the implementation of these policies.
And the shootings in Obama's home country will be labeled "shopping place violence".
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