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MindyToes Wrote: 20 minutes ago (9:48 PM) Yes dummy, it does. There is more than one kind of insurance. --------------------------- You still haven't explained why regulation in healthcare is good in general, but not needed now, and Single Payer is needed now, even though it's highly regulated. And what does that have to do with "more than one kind of insurance"?
MindyToes Wrote: 3 minutes ago (9:38 PM) Dummy, I posted that regulated works but not in this case because what we need is way beyond that. Got it now dummy? --------------------------- So regulation works, but just not what we need now. And a Single Payer System (which would be highly regulated) is what we need now. Got it. That makes perfect sense, LOL!!
Not so posted that we didn't need more regulation in health care. But nice try...
MindyToes Wrote: 4 minutes ago (9:18 PM) We don't need Obamacare, we need Universal Single-Payer like the rest of the modern Western world. --------------------- Meet the only person on earth who thinks that a single payer, government run system will not be regulated. I take back what I said about you before. You have zero common sense.
One could argue progs are stuck in the early 20th Century Amy. Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, The Russian and Chinese Communist revolutions..that era was their "hey day"...
MindyToes Wrote: 18 minutes ago (8:42 PM) Regulated Insurance works morons. It's just not what we need in this case ---------------------- So since Obamacare is over 2,500 pages of new regulations, and you say that "it's not what we need in this case", you completely agree that we didn't need Obamacare then. Great to see that you've got some common sense. Thanks.
scrow Wrote: 1 minute ago (8:55 PM) True, it will take him time to dismantle the nation's healthcare system. Then as he and Senator Reid promised, they'll step in with single-payer. Which basically turns the government into a giant health insurance company. The very thing liberals seem to hate. --------------------- Power is always virtuous if it's in the hands of government and controlled by liberals.
I don't think that troll and quality can be used in the same sentence (in this context). Quantity?
Jerry55 Wrote: 1 minute ago (8:42 PM) Keep discounting them, they are getting more and more scattered. ----------------- I was just thinking about it must be getting extremely hard to be a Lib or Obama supporter lately. He really has the "reverse Midas" touch. Everything he touches turns to sh#t, and then they get to hear all about it from us.
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