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You have to admit that it calls the current selection process into question and makes a joke of the award.
Understand your point, and they can likely structure this as humanely as possible (eg. hit the older, fully retired employees less severely than those who are still working and can plan around lower pensions), but we really need to take a step back and stand in the shoes of the taxpayer...many of whom don't even get a pension in the first place, yet are paying for other peoples? That's not right.
Many of the people who take issue with the term "lie" had no issue using such terminology against Obama's predecessor. Such hypocrisy.
It's a clear sign of a narcissist. In his mind, his "signature" legislation couldn't possibly be wrong.
When it comes to his favorability ratings, he might be right about no where to go but up. There is close to 40% in this country that will support him no matter what he does or says. They are the Obamabots like Mindy Nails, Lowazz, etc.
Nope, they wear this one completely. Not only did they not get one Repub vote, let's not forget the way they passed it. Bribing senators, on a reconciliation technicality, using blatant lies. And now you want Repubs to help you support it? Yeah, good luck with that one BO.
MindyToes Wrote: 1 hour ago (8:42 PM) Regulated Insurance works morons. It's just not what we need in this case. --------------- So if Obamacare AND Single Payer are more regulated, then we don't need either one. Right?
MindyToes Wrote: 20 minutes ago (9:48 PM) Yes dummy, it does. There is more than one kind of insurance. --------------------------- You still haven't explained why regulation in healthcare is good in general, but not needed now, and Single Payer is needed now, even though it's highly regulated. And what does that have to do with "more than one kind of insurance"?
MindyToes Wrote: 3 minutes ago (9:38 PM) Dummy, I posted that regulated works but not in this case because what we need is way beyond that. Got it now dummy? --------------------------- So regulation works, but just not what we need now. And a Single Payer System (which would be highly regulated) is what we need now. Got it. That makes perfect sense, LOL!!
Not so posted that we didn't need more regulation in health care. But nice try...
MindyToes Wrote: 4 minutes ago (9:18 PM) We don't need Obamacare, we need Universal Single-Payer like the rest of the modern Western world. --------------------- Meet the only person on earth who thinks that a single payer, government run system will not be regulated. I take back what I said about you before. You have zero common sense.
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