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Was that before, after (or during) the silly selfie pictures he was taking of himself this week?
Once again, minorities are allowed all the free speech that they liberals agree with. They must goose step or suffer the criticisms for not complying.
No more ruling class families. That includes Bush and Hillary too. This guy (who I heard is not as bright as GWB) already has come out supporting immigration reform (i.e. amnesty).
Good post. They also whine about voter ID laws while they're the masters at voter fraud. It's really an insult to anyone who has half of a brain...
This is all about political hardball. Give these "undocumented aliens" amnesty and it's game, set and match in the march toward Socialism/Communism by the country. Left wing extremists, like Obama, see that clear political advantage for what it is.
Nice. The ENTIRE world now has a right to American welfare. What would you expect from our first foreign president?
Its that, and also the Piven goal of overloading the welfare system in this country in the hopes of taking our Republic and replacing it with some form of Communist Dictatorship...
Many are not bright enough to make the connection, and the main stream media will never make the connection for them. Unfortunately they are lemmings to the Leftists/Statists--dumbed down by our government controlled school systems.
You have to admit that it calls the current selection process into question and makes a joke of the award.
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